Cummins gas power for BMC Procity buses in Baku

Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, has taken delivery of 380 BMC Procity CNG buses powered by Cummins L9N natural gas engines. Built in Turkey, the BMC Procity CNG 12m and 18m buses were ordered by Baku Transport Agency and operator BakuBus.

The 8.9-litre natural gas engine achieves close-to-zero emissions, according to Cummins, with NOx and PM levels around 80 per cent lower than the Euro VI standard. 

The Cummins L9N natural gas engine is rated at 320hp, with 1,356Nm peak torque at 1,300 rpm, through the ZF transmission and axles.

The new BMC buses began to enter service in 2020 aligned with the expansion of the CNG fueling station infrastructure at depots across the city. The Procity buses feature roof-mounted CNG storage tanks with a 1,648-litre capacity to enable a longer operating range.

“The new BMC Procity buses powered by the L9N are playing a significant role to improve air quality and enhancing mass transit operations within the central area of Baku and along key corridor routes connecting the city to the surrounding urban areas,” says Cenk Yavuz, Cummins manager – on-highway business, Turkey.

“Around 300 of the new CNG buses are in service, with the remaining 80 vehicles arriving in the early part of this year. This is the most modern Euro VI city bus fleet in the Caucasus region and we are delighted to be power partners with BMC on this major export success for the Turkish bus industry.”