CPT Cymru calls on next Welsh Government to build a better bus network for Wales

Ahead of the 2021  Senedd elections, CPT Wales called on Wales’ prospective politicians to invest in Wales’ bus network to help drive a step change in public transport. 

CPT argues that the bus network has played a vital role throughout the pandemic helping those that need to travel to do so. As restrictions ease, there is an opportunity to build a reinvigorated bus network and tackle some of the major challenges facing Wales including congestion, air quality, decarbonisation, social and economic inequality and car dependency as well as rebuilding the economy from the impacts of the pandemic.

The industry’s agenda for the next Welsh Parliament calls for:

  • A National Bus Strategy for Wales that achieves modal shift with bus passenger growth by working in partnership with operators and providing the environment for business confidence for investment in low and zero emission vehicles. 
  • A Welsh Green Bus Fund that would decarbonise the bus fleet by helping operators overcome the significant financial challenges of adopting zero emission vehicles. 
  • Bus first investments in Wales’ towns and cities by setting out plans for large scale rollout of bus priority measures such as bus lanes and bus priority traffic signals across Wales. 

CPT Cymru Director Joshua Miles says: “As restrictions ease, we need the next Welsh Government to provide a clear signal to the people of Wales that people should be getting back on board the bus by making a clear commitment to build a better bus network for Wales. 

“There is a real opportunity to drive a generational change in our bus network as we face significant challenges such as worsening air quality and congestion alongside the need to reduce carbon emissions all caused by car dependency.” 

A Better Bus Network for Wales: An Agenda for the next Welsh Parliament is available here