Coronavirus concerns continues to dampen concessionary bus users, says Transport Focus

More than half of concessionary bus pass holders in England, Wales and Scotland say coronavirus is still a major concern for them, according to research carried out by Transport Focus.

Following the relaxation of coronavirus related restrictions, Transport Focus found that fewer pass holders have returned to using buses in comparison to fare payers. Almost two thirds of pass holders say they are generally making fewer journeys than before the pandemic. However, 35 per cent say this is because, in terms of coronavirus, they feel the bus is less safe than other types of transport.

Other reasons include services having been reduced, buses not running on time and buses being cancelled at the last minute.

Anthony Smith, chief executive of Transport Focus, says: “It’s important that concessionary bus pass holders’ needs are met by the bus industry. There is huge potential in not only bringing these passengers back on board but also getting non-users to give bus a go.”

“While the pandemic has changed the way many people travel for good, by improving basics like reliability and frequency, this will go a long way to getting more people on buses.”