Cologne test for Caetano hydrogen bus

Cologne’s RVK is testing a Caetano hydrogen bus on different routes for two months until mid-January. During the demonstration, the Caetano H2.CityGold will be based on RVK’s two main bus depots, which are Meckenheim and Wermelskirchen, and will be refuelled in two different hydrogen stations so it can be tested in several bus routes to demonstrate performance capability and technical compatibility.

The Caetano hydrogen bus has a Toyota fuel cell and generates electricity and water through chemical reaction to drive the traction motor. The 12m H2.City Gold offers a range of more than 450km based on full zero emission running, being able to match the conventional diesel buses, according to Caetano. 

“It is important for us to test new manufacturers to gain even more experiences in operating hydrogen buses,” says Marcel Frank, RVK CEO. “We are therefore delighted to have the opportunity of testing Caetano’s hydrogen bus. After this test operation, we will be able to evaluate how the H2.CityGold performs in our wide traffic area.”