Cenex shows postponed until November

Cenex, the organiser of the annual Low Carbon Vehicle (Cenex-LCV) and Connected Automated Mobility (Cenex-CAM) events, has postponed both events until 18-19 November 2020 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The events were originally planned to take place on 9-10 September 2020, and will still be hosted at Millbrook in Bedfordshire, assuming they take place in November.

“We and our supporting partners are committed to the Cenex-LCV and Cenex-CAM events, given their importance for technology showcasing and networking of the UK motor-industry innovation community,” says Robert Evans, Cenex CEO. “ Although we are disappointed to have to postpone, we feel this is the most pragmatic approach at this time, given ongoing uncertainties.

“To date, we have been following the official government and healthcare advice, and after extensive discussions with our supporting partners, which comprise government and industry, the new November date was agreed upon. This allows us more time to see how the gradual relaxation of social-distancing measures will progress and to make the necessary logistical arrangements to ensure both events abide by the ‘new normal’ regulations, so we can make it a safe environment for all.”