BYD electrifies Finnish market for first time

BYD has entered the Finnish bus and coach market for the first time after securing orders with Nobina. A total of 106 various BYD models will comprise 64 units for Nobina services in Helsinki and 42 units for Nobina’s operation in Turku, together representing the largest ever order for eBuses in Finland.

Nobina also becomes the first European operator to order BYD’s latest 15m three-axle low-floor eBus model. A total of 42 of the new vehicles will go into service on Nobina’s operation in Turku, on Finland’s south-west coast, in summer 2021.

The 15m model offers a 47+3 seating capacity and delivers a single-charge range of 400km under SORT 2 test conditions, according to BYD..

Nobina’s fleet order for its Helsinki operation – with deliveries to begin in 2021 – includes 20 BYD 12m models and 44 BYD 18m articulated models.

BYD’s existing relationship with Nobina includes buses operating in Sweden, Norway and now Finland. BYD now has over 400 eBuses either delivered or on order with fleets in 20 towns and cities throughout Scandinavia.

“We at Nobina Finland are excited to commence BYD eBus operations in the Turku area next year.” says Petri Auno, CEO, Nobina Oy. “A large part of the bus fleet in the Turku region will shift to the benefits of eMobility and towards a more environmentally friendly future. Our route network is extensive, so a large number of passengers stand to benefit from the new vehicles.”