Autonomous Atak Electric bids to become first serial self-driving bus

Karsan held an online launch of its Autonomous Atak Electric that it says is ready for serial production. The Autonomous Atak Electric navigates without a human driver with LiDAR sensors fitted all round the vehicle. 

It can drive itself on a pre-defined route and is capable of reaching a speed of up to 50 km an hour in self-driving mode.

Modelled on the Atak Electric, Karsan developed the new autonomous variant in collaboration with US-based Adastec, which provided the Level-4 autonomous software for the vehicle. It is powered by 220kWh BMW batteries and is capable of producing 2,500Nm torque with 230kW engine power. Karsan claims a 300km range for the 8.3m-long vehicle, which can carry up to 52 passengers. 

“We are also working on an autonomous Jest, and a new breed of electric vehicles in the 12-18m segment are lined up for production,” says Karsan CEO Okan Baş.