Ambitious plan to make all New York school buses electric by 2035

New York has agreed a city-wide climate adaptation plan which includes an ambition to ensure its school buses will be all-electric  by September 2035. The city council says the move is needed “to reduce our carbon footprint and children’s exposure to fossil fuel pollutants”.

“Environmental justice communities, such as the one I represent, have had to deal with a host of economic and health disparities,” says NYC council member Daniel Dromm. “Dirty buses and the noxious fumes they spew most impact the individuals who spend the longest time on them: drivers, and special education and homeless students.

“Residents near schools and bus stops have long suffered from the air and noise pollution of our now-antiquated fleet. If New York City can do this, every municipality can – and should.  Our children’s future depends on it.”

The legislation will require the department of education to report on a series of implementation targets in 2023, 2028, and 2033 to demonstrate progress towards the all-electric pledge. By 2023, it is envisaged that there will be 75 electric school buses in operation, and by July 2028, 20 percent of the school bus fleet should be all-electric, with a 60 per cent target by July 2033.