Alpine Travel installs ActivFilter to fleet

Alpine Travel says it is the first operator in North Wales to install new ActivFilter systems into its fleet of tour coaches. The new systems, which it claims are more than 99 per cent effective against eliminating airborne viruses, involve the installation of new filters which include added protection from a new Anti-Viral layer and the upgrading of onboard software that controls the air-conditioning systems. 

The upgrade ensures that the volume of fresh air being drawn in from outside the vehicle is increased by 33 per cent and, when combined with the new filters, ensures that the air inside the vehicle is now completely changed every two minutes.  

Chris Owens, managing director, Alpine Travel, says: “We have been working to ensure that, as we move forward out of this pandemic, our vehicles provide a safe and welcoming environment for our passengers as they rediscover the delights of travelling by coach once again. 

“Installing this filtration system in our vehicles will ensure that we are able to alleviate any anxiety that our passengers might have about travelling on our coaches. It’s a great step forward, after all we believe it’s our responsibility to our passengers and customers to give the best travel experience possible and the investment we are making now, will benefit all our passengers for years to come.”