ADL unveils first Enviro400FCEV hydrogen bus for Liverpool City Region

Alexander Dennis formally launched its Enviro400FCEV hydrogen-fuel cell double-deck at Euro Bus Expo 2022 in Birmingham. The vehicle at the show was the first for launch customer, the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority which will be jointly operated by bus operators Arriva and Stagecoach.

The 11.1m long Enviro400FCEV can carry up to 88 passengers, with 73 seats and up to two wheelchair bays.

Similar to the forthcoming new Alexander Dennis battery-electric buses, the Enviro400FCEV uses the Voith Electrical Drive System next-generation electric driveline. This has been developed specifically for the requirements of buses with an efficient permanent magnet traction motor that delivers substantial torque and power in a compact footprint, freeing up vehicle space for passengers and optimising ride quality. Peak power output is limited to 350kW on the Enviro400FCEV to maximise fuel economy, while still enabling a high maximum running speed.

The Enviro400FCEV is fuelled in just five minutes through fillers on both sides of the vehicle. Up to 29.4kg of hydrogen is stored in 350bar NPROXX composite pressure vessels safely mounted at the rear of the vehicle before being converted to electric energy in a Ballard FCmove-HD fuel cell power module that is rated at 45kW or 60kW depending on operational needs. A 30kWh battery from Impact Clean Power Technology provides on-board buffer storage between fuel cell module and motor. Using lithium-titanate (LTO) chemistry, it is suited to frequent rapid charge and discharge and is expected to last the life of the bus. No external battery charging is required in daily operation.

Alexander Dennis president & managing director Paul Davies says: “The launch of the Enviro400FCEV signals the start of a new age for zero-emission buses with our next-generation technology platform. Using the expertise from earlier prototypes as well as our wider experience as the long-established market leader for greener buses, this is a mature product for an industry that needs customised solutions from a reliable partner.

“Sitting alongside our new battery-electric buses and the hugely successful products we will continue to build in partnership with BYD, the Enviro400FCEV adds a hydrogen-fuel cell bus to what is now the industry’s widest portfolio of zero-emission solutions, ready to meet the requirements of any bus operator, transport authority or city.”