Aberdeen hydrogen double-decks go into operation

The world’s first fleet of double decker hydrogen buses have been launched in Aberdeen by First Bus in a project led by Aberdeen City Council.

The zero-emission fleet emits only water from its exhaust as the fuel is made from just wind and water. And plans are in place for Aberdeen to make its own hydrogen to power the buses, making it an even greener energy source for the local community.

Aberdeen City Council co-leader Jenny Laing, says: “It’s great to see the world’s first hydrogen double decker buses starting in Aberdeen.

“The buses are a fantastic asset to the city as an entrepreneurial and technological leader as they have even more advanced technology which pushes established hydrogen boundaries and also greatly assist us in tackling air pollution in the city.”

The new 60-seat double-decks are set to save one kilogramme of CO2 for each kilometre they drive. The buses will also tackle more than just air pollution, as they are virtually silent when they run, helping to create quieter streets.

Andrew Jarvis, managing director, First Bus, says: “Scotland will be home to COP26 later this year and it is fantastic to know that we’ll be setting a stellar example of just what can be achieved with new technology as we welcome leaders from around the world.

“First Bus serves thousands of customers in Aberdeen and we know that so many of our customers take the bus because they care about our planet and reducing their carbon footprint.” 

The £8.3million project has been funded by Aberdeen City Council, the Scottish Government, and the European Union, with an investment of about £500,000 per vehicle.