13 electric Ebusco buses for sustainable city of Copenhagen

Ebusco has received an order for 13 electric buses from Nobina for operation in Copenhagen. This is the first order from Denmark for the Dutch bus manufacturer.

“We are seeing a rapid change in public transport, where electric buses are meeting our travellers’ demands for an even more sustainable, efficient and comfortable public transport,” says Jens Råsten, fleet manager, Nobina Group 

“We are also proud of being the first to welcome Ebusco to Denmark and our joint efforts and demands in creating a modern and CO2-neutral public transport for Greater Copenhagen.”

Nobina will take Ebusco 2.2 12m three-door city buses which has a range of 350km, according to the manufacturer. 

Ebusco will also supply seven CCS chargers, each with two charging inlets. The chargers have been developed for both fast and normal charging, and during the day, the charger can charge a bus at 150kW per hour and at night, the capacity is shared so that two buses can be charged at 75kW per hour simultaneously.

“We are proud of our first order from Denmark, especially since our buses will be running in the sustainable capital Copenhagen,” said Peter Bijvelds, CEO, Ebusco. “Copenhagen wants to be the first European capital to become fully CO2-neutral by 2025 in order to provide a better living environment for its inhabitants. Ebusco has exactly the same values.

“We provide not only mobility, but also clean air and silent streets. By doing this, we contribute to a better living environment.”

Five buses will go into service in the Holte area and eight will operate in the Glostrup area in Greater Copenhagen from December 2021.