Ten Ebusco electric buses for Multiobus in Belgium

Ebusco is set to deliver ten new electric buses in Belgium by the middle of 2021. Multiobus has ordered 10 Ebusco 2.2 buses for Flanders’ inner-city and regional traffic in the Flemish Brabant region. These ten buses will join two Ebusco electric buses that Multiobus has been running in Tienen and the surrounding areas for almost two years now. 

The ten new electric buses will run in the Hageland and the east Flemish-Brabant region, as part of De Lijn’s operation. 

In addition to electric drive, new buses will have mirrors replaced with smart camera systems to ensure optimum safety for passengers and other road users. Blindspots are made even more visible and the infra-red functionality ensures clear images at night. 

The two previous electric buses delivered to Multiobus have now been on the road for two years and drive an average of 250-350km per day on one battery charge. 

“We generate our own electricity with solar panels, charge the buses smartly with Powerpacks overnight, and because of the large battery capacity, the buses can run all day without having to be recharged in the meantime,” says Olivier van Mullem, CEO Multiobus. “As a result, the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of this electric Ebusco bus must be almost equal to the traditional diesel bus.”

Peter Bijvelds, Ebusco CEO, adds: “We are applying the latest innovations in areas such as battery technology and charging infrastructure. The LFP-battery technology in these buses is the best and safest battery on the market. 

“Multiobus will simply charge its buses by plugging them in at the depot. The combination of all these innovations means these buses can easily travel 350 km on one battery charge. ”