Message change on the way to get people back on board

There are signs that the government is preparing to amend its ‘avoid public transport’ messaging which is critical to the recovery plans for the sector, and for the re-establishment of buses and coaches as a central part of strategies to address climate change and urban air pollution.

Worrying signs have already emerged that the switch to car travel could create serious congestion and pollution issues in UK towns and cities and a new ‘pro public transport’ message is urgently needed.

In this issue we have included an article by David Brown, Go-Ahead CEO which makes a cogent argument about the need for government to change its position and get behind the bus industry as a key component in future transport strategies.

It is only a few months since many industry leaders were gathering at the Bus Summit as the government announced ambitious plans to support investment in 4,000 zero carbon buses. CPT has issued a timely reminder to government of the need to rekindle these plans and has pledged support from its members for a new ‘green bus revolution’. 

CPT argues that one extra bus journey per person each month would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by two million tonnes a year, and also points out that the lockdown has had a devastating effect on current investment and there is an urgent need to support highly skilled bus manufacturing jobs in the UK.