NCT completes record year for bus investment

Nottingham City Transport has completed a record breaking year of new bus investment, worth around £20million, with a further 10 new buses entered service. Following the purchase of 67 new bio-gas double-decks earlier this year, 10 Alexander Dennis E200 midi-buses have now arrived, which will allow NCT to complete its upgrade to a fully Euro VI fleet and meet Nottingham City Council’s Clean Air Plan to improve air quality.

The new buses, which feature on-board wi-fi, USB chargers and double passenger information screens which NCT is currently trialling, are primarily operating on Bridgford Bus routes 5, 7, 8 and 9 which link Gamston, Wilford Hill, Compton Acres and West Bridgford to Trent Bridge, the railway station and city centre.

“We are delighted to introduce these brand new buses to our customers in West Bridgford,” says David Astill, NCT commercial and operations director. “With almost 40 per cent of Bridgford Bus customers telling us that they have a car they could use for their journey, but they proactively choose to use the bus, we expect the modern design and features of the new buses will attract more motorists on board.”

As a result of the 10 new buses entering service, the ten oldest NCT buses in the fleet (two of which date back to 2001) are being withdrawn.

This means that NCT’s average bus age fall to just 4.5 years old and the oldest bus drop by half from 18 years to 9 years.

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