New X30 Manchester Airport service from Stagecoach

Stagecoach Manchester has launched a new bus service to Manchester Airport. The x30 runs non-stop via the M60 and M56 from Stockport to Manchester Airport, and will stop at the Airport Interchange and World Freight Terminal.

The new x30 will partially replace the existing 330 service which runs from Ashton to Manchester Airport. The 330 will continue to run from Ashton to Stockport, and the x30 will now travel from Stockport to the Airport.

The existing 103 service also continues to run from Manchester Piccadilly to the Airport, and has now been extended through to the World Freight Terminal. Combined, the x30 and the 103 services will provide up to four buses an hour between the World Freight Terminal and the main Airport.

The new route has been designed to include earlier journeys, to tie in with shift patterns for staff of Manchester Airport, with these services starting at 0415 Monday to Saturday and 0635 on Sundays, as well as being a more convenient early morning link for holidaymakers.

The full list of service changes can be found on

“We wanted to introduce the new x30 service, and extend the existing 103 service, to ensure that both holiday makers and staff travelling to the airport are provided with practical and affordable transport links at hours convenient to them,” says Stagecoach Manchester managing director Elisabeth Tasker.

Wayne Poole, landside operations director, Manchester Airport, adds: “Alongside the other methods of public transport such as rail, tram and coach services, this new bus route will provide a vital link for many people travelling to and from Manchester Airport.

“Giving our 28.5 million passengers, and 25,000 staff based on site, increased options to access the airport is crucial as we continue to grow and play the role of economic generator and employment creator for the region.”

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