Safety and sustainability promoted by MiX

MiX Telematics says it is focusing on safety, efficiency in operation and sustainable long-term business solutions at Euro Bus Expo. In addition to launching RIBAS+, a further evolution of its in-cab driver-coaching device, the company will be demonstrating its performance-analysis and improvement tool, MiX Insight Agility.

“With sustainability now a key driver for the automotive industry, operators today are demanding more value from their telematics partners than ever before,” says Jonathan Bates, marketing director, MiX Telematics Europe. “The two enhancements to our solution that we are showing at Euro Bus Expo directly address these needs by providing a range of safety, efficiency and performance benefits both for the driver, in the case of RIBAS+, and for our customers’ senior management team with MiX Insight Agility.”

MiX RIBAS+ introduces new functionality including making any event available from CAN inputs to the driver via a new digital display screen. Examples of events which can be displayed in this way include safety-related alerts for lane departure or harsh cornering, and preventative maintenance warnings for high engine temperature or low engine oil. The system also aims to enhance driver coaching by displaying an end-of-journey safety score which enables drivers to monitor their overall performance improvement as they continue to develop their driving style.

An RFID driver identification option eliminates the need for a separate identifying system and MiX RIBAS+ can be integrated with all major ticket machines to provide a single point of driver sign-on.

Meanwhile MiX Insight Agility is a customisable reporting tool that can be configured to meet the specific operational needs of all operators. Data captured by MiX Insight Agility can be analysed and MiX Telematics says that operators typically report economy gains of up to ten per cent, together with associated safety benefits and reductions in wear and tear as a result of using the analysis.

The system offers a range of customisable safety, efficiency and compliance dashboards to fleet managers.

“The two solution enhancements we are highlighting at Euro Bus Expo 2018 form part of our commitment to support the industry as it makes the transition to more sustainable operations,” adds Bates. “The range of services we provide today extends into the development of enhancements such as scripts which allow the integration of electric and hybrid vehicle information into our telematics solutions.”