Parrys warns its anniversary celebration could be its last with a ‘No Deal’ Brexit

Parrys International managing director Dave Parry has warned that the uncertainties surrounding a possible ‘No Deal’ Brexit could mean that its 45th anniversary celebrations held this month are its last.

The Cheslyn Hay-based operator was responding to the recent warnings from CPT about the potential impacts and lack of contingency planning.

“Our trade organisation has warned us that our government has not ensured that passenger movement can continue across into Europe after 29 March if there is a ‘No Deal’ Brexit,” says Parry. “If that is the case and as we operate almost 70 per cent of our holidays in Europe we would almost certainly be unable to continue”.

“It would not be viable or acceptable to hire foreign coaches and staff to run our tours, and we would have no choice other than to close the business.”